Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Guide To Better Interviews Seminar on Demand

Interviews can be a trouble spot. Most guests, even famous ones, are not engaging speakers and their agenda is usually less about helping your performance than using your platform to promote their agenda. But interviews...

It’s Time To Get Local Seminar on Demand


Wizard Of Oz Show Prep

Some personalities are finding show prep to be more complex than ever. There's so much information every day. It's easy to get drown in a sea of topics. But Wizard Of Oz show prep...

Prepare Tight Perform Loose Seminar on Demand


5 Fast, Easy Ways to Improve Interview Skills

Some personalities are naturally good interviewers. Others are horrible, and no matter how much they work at it, they just don't seem to get it right. But everyone can improve their interview skills. This article...

Coaching Talent: Creating a For The Show Mentality

Team chemistry is important for a radio show. But what happens when that chemistry is shaken? Or not there? Or if there are changes in a show that disrupts the flow? That's a special...

Improv Skill For Radio Shows: Active Listening

Enrolling in an Improvisational Theater class is one of my highest recommendations for radio personalities. It should be a requirement for team shows. But solo shows get a lot out of it, too. And...

Why You Should Always Program Features At Set Times

There are two schools of thought in how to program features: Rotate the times they air to expose them to a larger audience or program features at set times. One is clearly superior. Spoiler...

The Power of Endorsement Ads

Air personalities are taste-making influencers with the power to persuade listeners to take action. And that power can turn into a great source of revenue through endorsement ads. In this article, you'll learn how personalities...

The Radio Storyteller’s Toolbox Seminar on Demand

In this seminar, Tracy Johnson provides details of skills every radio personality should develop to become a dynamic, charismatic, storyteller. https://tracyjohnson.kartra.com/page/embed/YbJMdiUzmZXc

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Brainstorming Original Christmas Stories

Collaboration is a powerful brainstorming technique to discover personal stories to use on the air. Many shows are amazed at how much content can...