Sunday, January 23, 2022

Casting a Show: Perform The Role

In my seminar on demand, Casting a Radio Show, I show managers and programmers how to put together a team of performers that become greater than the sum of the parts. There are multiple...

Casting a Show: Character Roles

One of the trickiest parts of casting a radio show has nothing to do with finding great talent. That should be a priority for each cast member. Nor is it about identifying hosts and cohosts....

Casting a Radio Show: Cohosts

Winning as a team requires sacrifice. It demands every player put aside ego and dedicate themselves to winning as a team. Most personalities embrace the idea of team-first until it's time to put a...

Casting a Show: Hosts

Developing a winning radio show involves far more than just hiring talented folks and putting them on the air. Great broadcasters look at it the way a producer casts a movie. They find personalities...

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