Monday, May 29, 2023
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Halloween Features

Feature: Theme Weeks

Special programming works because it’s promotable and stands out above and beyond the ordinary. It's well, special. In an over-communicated world filled with competition for attention, bundling content in an easily understood package is...

Considerations for Having a Psychic On The Air

Psychics on the air can be great. And they can be horrible. As with most things, the difference lies in preparation and execution. Also timing! Just having a psychic on for a weekly visit...

Feature: My Psychic Powers

Here's a great way to cause talk over multiple days. Demonstrate your psychic powers and amaze your co-hosts and listeners. This can be done anytime, or even become a recurring segment. This article includes details...

Game: Your Worst Nightmare

Technically, shows can play this game anytime but it's a perfect fit for the week leading up to Halloween. Your Worst Nightmare is kind of like Would You Rather, but the theme is for...

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