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Master The Setup Seminar on Demand

The Master, The Set Up Seminar is a thorough guide explaining how to capture attention, engage audiences, and inspire passion by starting quickly so your content can succeed. After watching the seminar, download the Master...

Prepare Tight Perform Loose Seminar on Demand

Most radio shows are either under-prepared or over-prepared. The key is to be properly prepared. This seminar shows how to apply improvisational skills to become better performers through deep preparation. You'll learn how to...

Show Prep: The Missing Link Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson shows you how to make show prep fun again by providing The Missing Link to crafting unique and original content. https://youtu.be/Ptz2mT1i3eU

Prep Like a Pro Seminar on Demand

Show prep doesn't have to be like doing your taxes or a trip to the dentist. Prep Like a Pro is a system every show should use. https://youtu.be/1Mk_9Mnt9-E

Harvest Your Life Seminar on Demand

The best content comes from personal experiences that relate to listeners. But that's not as simple as living your life on the air. Harvest Your Life is a storytelling workshop for personalities that teaches...