Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Prepping a Personal Story

The only thing harder than telling personal stories is prepping a personal story. There’s nothing like great radio talent telling personal stories from real-life experiences. It’s also among the greatest risks of running listeners...

How To Brainstorm An Idea Into A Story

Many personalities struggle to turn a topic or idea into a relatable story that pulls listeners in. There's a thin line between being self-absorbed and interesting with an outward focus. That's why personal stories...

A Personal Story That Affects Listeners Personally

Sharing personal stories affects listeners personally and powerfully. If you ever wondered if what you do on the air matters, read this case study of how a well-told story saved a life. This article is...

Promotions Download: Pixar’s Rules Of Storytelling

Get this infographic that demonstrates Pixar's 22 Rules of Telling Stories.  

Storytelling: Other People’s Stories

Every radio segment can be categorized as one of four types of stories: Personal Stories, The Mosh Pit, Crowdsourcing, and Other People's stories. Of the four, sharing content that happened to another person is...

How And When To Be Self-Deprecating

When radio personalities open up and are bold enough to be vulnerable, listeners are able to get to know them better. But many think that means they should simply make fun of themselves as...

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