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Master The Setup Seminar on Demand

The Master, The Set Up Seminar is a thorough guide explaining how to capture attention, engage audiences, and inspire passion by starting quickly so your content can succeed. After watching the seminar, download the Master...

Storytelling Basics Seminar on Demand

Everything you do on the air revolves around a central, fundamental skill: storytelling. It’s the single most important thing for air personalities to master. In this seminar, you'll learn the basic steps of telling...

The Radio Storyteller’s Toolbox Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson shows performers the key to compelling stories in The Radio Storyteller's Toolbox, loaded with examples from Louis CK! https://youtu.be/V7zB8t-2nZM

It’s All About The Hook Seminar on Demand

If the hook doesn't get attention, listeners won't be there for the payoff. It's All About The Hook shows you how to get off to a fast start. https://youtu.be/chDeO9Lz9es

Advanced Storytelling Seminar on Demand

First, watch the Storytelling Basics seminar. Then, when you've mastered those concepts, Tracy Johnson takes you through Advanced Storytelling with new ideas to take segments to an even higher level. https://youtu.be/rPWd-qtvRpY