How many times have you listened to, read or watched entertainment and summarized it with, “That was okay”? It doesn’t stand out. It isn’t special. You didn’t think it was bad, but it didn’t captivate. In other words, it wasn’t worth your time and attention. Often, the missing ingredient is friction. Personality radio without friction is boring.

I’m working with a show that features a high profile character with a strong point of view. The personality is interesting, witty and polarizing. But the other cast members are generic. They do a good job with the basics and don’t get in the way. But they provide little for the main character to work with. They fail to create friction. This has to be fixed or the show will ultimately fail.

Adding friction doesn’t mean creating opposite viewpoints or manufacturing arguments on the air. That’s conflict. Friction is different.

Many shows believe that if Personality A says “The sky is blue”, Personality B has to refute their comment and say, “No. The sky is grey”. That’s just arguing. and nobody likes being around folks who bicker.

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How Personality Radio Without Friction Is Boring

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