If you program a music station, you know that strength of current music is critical to your brand’s success. The more you depend on music, the more the pop music cycle affects ratings. When music goes against you, it can be difficult to compete.

On the other hand, if you program a gold-based station, and the pop music cycle is weak, your ratings could receive a lift.

My friend Guy Zapoleon is an expert on the subject. It’s a fascinating study. If you’re into the history of music at all, you should investigate!

Even if you are not interested personally, understanding how to navigate programming through the current and future cycles, you should learn from Guy’s teaching.

As part of his study, Zapoleon observes that pop music reaches it’s peak and then declines in popularity primarily in predictable patterns. It happens when the songs released (and becoming hits) all start to sound the same.

When this happens, pop music popularity fades, and is soon replaced by new, exciting and innovative genres of music.

The Pop Music Cycle and Your Station

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