Ah, the power of personal stories. It’s one of the most important skills for all personalities, but the power must be unlocked or it can be destructive. Fortunately, radio personalities can study the art of storytelling and find examples that illuminate the path to greatness. Now you probably never thought someone like Tommy Chong would provide that inspiration. But Tommy may just be the source that unlocks the power of personal stories

That moment can happen at just about any time and you usually don’t see it coming.

Many times, clients become frustrated waiting to hear improvement on the air. But mostly, managers are impatient waiting for the ratings services to reflect personality growth. This is especially true if management has an analytical background. They sometimes don’t understand why a personality can’t immediately begin performing differently.

But it takes time to develop new methods and adopt new habits.

\It’s like pushing a giant boulder up a hill. You work and work and work, often thinking that you’re not making any progress. It’s frustrating because it’s so hard and takes so long. But then, suddenly, almost like magic, you reach the top and everything changes.

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I was working with an air personality that was really struggling to relate off-air experiences without being self-indulgent. Even I had almost given up hope. But suddenly, the light finally came on. When it did, everything changed for the better. He unlocked the power of personal stories.

And you won’t believe what triggered the growth.

The “aha” moment came from a most unlikely source: Tommy Chong.

That’s right. That Tommy Chong. He’s half of the famous comedy team Cheech and Chong.

Unlocking the Power of Personal Stories

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