Power Up Your Music Seminar on Demand

Contemporary problems require contemporary solutions, and radio programmers face many new problems. This all-new seminar shows broadcasters why your audience is declining even as you put more and more emphasis on research, data, and fine-tuning your presentation.

  • Find out why the tactics you choose to attract younger listeners (under 40) are guaranteed to fail…and a new strategy that will work.
  • Learn why you’re losing ground at an alarming rate to Spotify and other streaming services.
  • Discover innovative solutions to complicated problems that will change how you program your station.
  • Get a fresh perspective that will help you break free of traditional thinking to become a relevant, vibrant brand once again.

Programming successful stations today demands a new approach to music research and interpretation. This seminar offers seven actionable steps to get your finger on the audience’s pulse so you can convert more fans and energize your radio brand.