Monday, May 29, 2023
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Building a Fan Base

The Value of Fans To a Radio Station

How much is a true fan worth? Radio stations spend a lot of time and money chasing listeners, trying to turn cume into quarter-hours by manipulating the rating service machinery. Programmers believe that more...

A Realistic Way to Convert Cume to Fans

The Holy Grail of radio programming is to convert cume to fans. After all, fans have infinitely more value in affecting TSL (time spent listening). Stations spend a lot of time fine-tuning a strategy...

Focus On Winning Fans, Not P1s

Radio programmers biggest problem isn't really TSL, or even getting more P1s. The challenge we face is turning existing listeners into fans.

The Physics of Passion And Loyal Fans

Every broadcaster should want fans. Bold, loyal, passionate followers make up the bulk of listening. But most stations do not have the courage to recruit and lead a passionate fan base. The physics of passion...

The Truth About Radio P1s and Fans

he ratings report is in. Results indicate the cume is strong but P1's are down. Oh no! A management freak out because everyone knows that P1's are the lifeblood of a radio brand. The...

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