A research study from NuVooDoo shows that radio listeners, and more importantly, ratings respondents, don’t trust radio station contests.  That’s not only disturbing, it’s frightening. You can address those problems on your station, but it’s going to take some of you out of your comfort zone. You’re going to have to actually promote your winners.

That doesn’t seem so outrageous, does it? Yet, many programmers are reluctant to do so. They believe it’s negative momentum, looking back at what has already happened rather than promoting ahead with a call-to-action. That’s a valid point, but in failing to close the feedback loop, stations are causing damage to their brands. Over time, the image for all stations has been compromised.

But promoting winners is more than just announcing a winner on the air or running a winner promo. It’s important to make the on-air announcement, of course, but it’s just not enough. The audience doesn’t listen that much, and when they do, they aren’t paying attention. So chances are that no matter how many promos you run and how long you run them, they never really “hear” the winner announcement.

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There are better ways, and it not only completes the feedback loop, it adds transparency to your contesting.

Promote Your Winners: Email

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