Sunday, January 23, 2022

Say Happy Birthday For a Free Audience Building Tactic

Free is the right price. A free audience-building tactic is even better! And this is so easy, it seems like it's cheating. But just taking the time to recognize listeners personally by saying Happy...

6 Ways to Grow the Database Without Annoying Listeners

One of the most effective and valuable promotion and marketing assets is a listener database. It's also one of the most under-used. That's especially true if deep profile information has been gathered for each...

Getting The Most From Listener Advisory Panels

Listeners usually love to tell you what they think. Asking their opinion gets them involved, which can also lead to increased loyalty. That's why Listener Advisory Panels are invaluable sources of information and insight into...

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Interview Technique: Labeling

Labeling is a powerful interview technique. It's a little trickier than mirroring but equally effective. Instead of repetition, labeling uses intuition to make a connection...