If you know anyone who claims radio is dead and air personalities don’t influence their audience, point them to this article. This one radio segment has ignited social media. This radio segment goes viral. Actually, viral doesn’t begin to describe the reach. And it’s all from one episode of a great morning show’s daily feature.

The show is Hot 96.9 in Boston. The morning show is The Get Up Crew featuring Ramiro, Pebbles, Wiggy & Melissa. They’re a top rated show in a highly competitive market.

The highlight of their show is the daily feature Second Date Update. It’s a relationship feature that  They air it every hour at :10, with a new episode each day. You can hear archives of previous episodes here.

It’s consistently strong every day, but one particular episode blew up because a listener loved it, created a simple video and shared it. A week later, and it’s approaching 100 MILLION views and 1/2 million shares. And it’s still growing.

How did it blow up like this? And how can you get some viral spread for your segments?

Here’s the segment:

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And here’s what made this a great segment on the air:

The Storyline

Every great segment starts with a great story. And this storyline has everything.

A strong foundation that attracts audience attention (relationships).

A controversial topic at the heart of the story (bullying).

Revenge (a strong emotion).

Sex (universal gotta hear it appeal).

Conflict (tension between the main characters).

Surprise ending (just when you thought it was over, it advances to a strong finish).

The elements of a great story include building drama and delaying resolution. This does both, and it’s masterful.


The show moves the story along without getting in the way. It never loses momentum, and the talent is engaged and active in the conversation but doesn’t take it off course. They feed the storyline between the two main characters.


Never underestimate the power of video, even if you’re just putting an image in front of your audio.

The show provides all Second Date Update episodes online, but this is the one that exploded when a listener turned the segment into a video and made it available on his Facebook page.

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(Note: A couple of days after posting it, Facebook removed the video, but didn’t offer an explanation).

The video isn’t anything special. It’s just a shaky video of a car radio tuned to Hot 96.9 with the audio playing in the background. Simple. ANYONE can do this. It does’t have to be slick and shiny to get attention.

And Then It Exploded!

It’s great to put video on your own sites, of course. But it really gets spread when it gets in your listener’s feeds. Take a look at the engagement:

19 MILLION views and 248,000 shares on this page alone. And 94,645 comments! And this is just FOUR DAYS after it aired. As of this writing, the video is actually gaining momentum.

Shortly after the original shared post, it was published to this Facebook page.

This is a site that features stories the publishers find interesting. It has a ton of followers and shares (27 million). And, here’s the thing: You can submit your content for their consideration. Have a great piece of content? Promote it!

Soon, mainstream news media picked up on it.

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And then the Mirror has run a story on it, and will be seen by their millions of fans. Several days later and it’s still growing.

Why This Works

This is an example of what your radio show can do. Here’s what you can take away from Hot 96.9’s example:

  • Build a strong benchmark feature. Second Date Update provides a structure and theme for the story. It’s simple and clear. This is the show’s One Thing.
  • Make it a hit by promoting it. And play that hit a lot. Hot 96.9 presents this feature every hour of their show every day.
  • It starts with content. Tell stories through the feature, using proper storytelling techniques.
  • Make it available off the air, and encourage sharing through social media.
  • Use video! Nothing is better for encouraging a segment to spread.


You can do this, too. Once that spark ignites, a wildfire of viral spread will follow. This exposure cost nothing! Just a little time and effort into building the assets and publishing them. How can you capitalize on your best content?

Photo Credit: Freepik.com