When’s the last time someone has asked you to say something in your ‘radio voice’? That’s one of the most cringe-worthy moments for a personality. It’s not a compliment.

A lot of personalities love being on the air, but hate their voice, or feel insecure that their radio voice lacks the depth and richness that seems to come naturally to some personalities and voice talent.

What can you do? Can you change a voice? Probably not, but there are ways to get the most from your radio voice.

Many young personalities are lured to websites that promise to develop a radio voice with a course or “secrets” to becoming the next king of voice-overs. Maybe it works for some, but to excel on the air as a great radio performer, ignore most of those tips, tricks and techniques.

Having a great voice doesn’t mean you’ll be a successful air talent any more than having great one-liners in a bar makes you a good stand-up comedian. I can’t count how many times someone referred a friend or relative for an on-air position because “They have such a great speaking voice for the radio” or “You’re going to love his or her radio voice”.

That may be true, but if you don’t know how to use it, the voice doesn’t matter.

Voice Is Less Important Than Character

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