It’s okay to repeat content, as long as it’s worth repeating. I repeat: It’s okay to repeat content if it’s worth repeating.

In fact, it’s recommended, as long as it’s (and I repeat), worthwhile material.

But how can a station or show get the most value when the segment is worthy? How often can great content be repeated? And how should it be scheduled so it’s exposed to new listeners without being redundant to frequent listeners.

So many questions, and all good ones. Because this is a difficult topic.

The best reason to repeat content is to strengthen the overall appeal of the show and increase the chances that anyone tuning in will hear us at our best.

So it follows that the most important consideration is that the content is truly strong enough to repeat. Never, ever repeat content that is less than A material. Ever. There’s no point. It defeats the purpose of repeating.

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Think about it. Music stations repeat theĀ best songs over and over. Not the weak ones. You would never sit through a bad movie more than once. And even an “okay” movie doesn’t get a return visit.

It’s the same with on air content for radio shows.

Why It’s Okay to RepeatĀ Content


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