When you initiate a recycling strategy, there will be pushback. In the big picture, there’s very little negative feedback, but the complaints will be loud because most programmers are already at least a little reluctant to repeat content. Don’t let it get in your head. Repetition complaints are a good thing for music programming and personality shows.

Repetition Complaints

Repeating or repurposing personality show content is a hot topic. Replaying, repurposing, or reperforming the best moments in other hours and dayparts is common sense that can be is a growth driver.

But a handful of repetition complaints shakes confidence and often scares programmers into costly mistakes, especially when negative comments come from superfans. Stay strong! Superfans, fans, and P1 listeners are valuable, but so is growing your fanbase. trying to please the superfans often prevents growth and can cause a severe decline.

Shows arguing against recycling their best content usually assume P1 listeners will consider it negative. Some shows get complaints, but a few are nothing to be concerned about. But those P1s are not listening nearly as much as you assume.

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P1 Radio Usage

Here are a few facts about P1 radio usage:

High Concentration Of Listening: P1s contribute 75-80% of total listening but do not listen simultaneously. Like cume listeners, they are in and out of your show from start to finish.

P1s Are Not That Committed: Even P1s don’t listen as much as you think. They make up a large percentage because the secondary listeners (cume listeners) listening are very small. The chances are that cume listeners will hear recycled content once and have no idea it’s repeated.

P1 Turnover: P1 listeners change. Some drop out of the rating pool. Others age out of your target demographic, move away, or simply get tired of your show and move on. Think of it like a Leaky Bucket. You must constantly add to your audience just to remain constant. Converting P2 and P3 listeners to P1s should be a primary goal.

But What About The Superfans That Hear it Twice?

Some of your biggest fans may hear content a second time, but they should hear your best moments again than a weak or even average segment once. This is particularly true for the most popular features. How many times have you re-watched great episodes of Modern Family or Big Bang Theory?

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When they complain, be honest with them. Thank them for listening so much and tell them how important they are. Then politely explain that most of the audience doesn’t listen as much and you want them to hear some of these segments so the community of listeners can continue to grow. Then ask them to help with that! Most will be honored you care enough to pull back the curtain and explain why you’re doing it.


Replaying the hits (music and personality content) increases ratings and brand loyalty while building a reputation for high-quality entertainment. Those are huge benefits. Yes, there will be a handful of repetition complaints from time to time, but keep it in perspective. The benefits almost always outweigh the problems.