Fighting boredom is one of the most challenging things radio personalities face. In a way, it’s understandable. The only folks who hear 100% of the content created on a radio show are those who perform it. Managers, programmers and talent coaches hear more than most. And listeners hear far less than that. In fact, even your best listeners miss 92.5% of your show. That’s why resetting content is critical.

It’s impossible to reset what you are doing too often or too much. Now doing it will drive you crazy, because it’s boring to execute. But it’s one of the most important skills performers can master.

As tedious as it sounds, it’s important to consistently re-explain features, personalities, storylines and benchmarks.

We have to regularly establish the main characters. In some cases, it’s because most of the audience really doesn’t know. In other cases, they haven’t heard us enough for it to sink in.

Even the very best listeners forget. They are busy living real lives outside the studio. They listen to other stations, go on vacation, and take time away from their routine.

Resetting Content At Key Times

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