At any hour of any day, tune in any station in any market. What is on the radio? Sameness. Commercials happen at the same time on most stations. Promos are the first element in stop sets. News is at the top and bottom of the hour. Listeners are lulled into patterns of behavior. They receive subtle cues that it’s time to tune out. And here’s the dangerous part. They learn to tune out more than just a single station. They’re being conditioned to leave all stations. It’s time to rethink your clocks.

In this article, I explain why it’s time for program directors to rethink clocks. Including:

  • Specific tactics to consider now for changing programming to be more listener-friendly.
  • Why moving the news on a talk or information station could be a great time spent listening tactic.
  • The logic behind having different stops at times in the morning and afternoon drive.
  • How to restructure commercial-free music hours for better results.
  • How commercial placement on most stations may be winning the short term battle, but losing the long-term war.
  • A compelling argument for more stops sets with fewer spots.

5 Ways To Rethink Your Clocks