Monday, February 6, 2023
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Seminars On Demand

The GIFS System Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson explains how the TJMG GIFS system works to keep a radio show consistent and creative in this practical seminar for personalities and programmers.

Taking Your Show From Good to Great Pt 1 Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson shows radio personalities the 5 keys to turning a good show into a great show. Bonus: Watch this presentation from Morning Show Boot Camp:

The Ultimate Guide To Solo Shows Seminar on Demand

The Ultimate Guide To Solo Shows seminar teaches personalities how to use their tools to compete with team shows.

Build The Perfect Morning Show Clock Seminar on Demand

This seminar shows personalities and programmers how to build the perfect morning show clock.

Contests And Games Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson shows you how to use contests and games to your advantage in today's ever-changing media world.  

It’s All About The Hook Seminar on Demand

If the hook doesn't get attention, listeners won't be there for the payoff. It's All About The Hook shows you how to get off to a fast start.

Coaching The Coaches Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson and Mike McVay take you inside the keys to great radio stations: Coaching The Coaches to creative, winning radio.

Guide To Better Interviews Seminar on Demand

The Guide To Better Interviews is an essential seminar for all personalities and programmers that have guests on the air (or on video)!

It’s Time To Get Local Seminar on Demand

There's a big difference between claiming to be local and actually being local. Tracy Johnson shows you how and why it's time to get local.

Prepare Tight Perform Loose Seminar on Demand

Most radio shows are either under-prepared or over-prepared. The key is to be properly prepared. This seminar shows how to apply improvisational skills to become better performers through deep preparation. You'll learn how to...

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Downloads For Programmers

One-stop shopping for tools to help radio program directors. MUSIC Perfect Music Rotations Worksheet Use this spreadsheet to identify perfect song rotations when setting up a music...