Friday, September 17, 2021
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The Art of The Tease Seminar on Demand

The easiest way to improve your ratings is to cause current listeners to tune in more. That's in your control. Make all of the content on the air more important with effective teases. Teasing...

The Art of The Tease 2 Seminar on Demand

This seminar builds on the principles in The Art Of The Tease 1. It's loaded with examples of amazing teases from great radio personalities. You'll be able to craft more effective teases to drive...

How To Be Funnier On The Radio Seminar on Demand

How radio personalities can develop a funnier presence on the radio.

Show Prep: The Missing Link Seminar on Demand

This seminar on-demand shows radio personalities how to grow from hunter-gatherer to entertaining storyteller.

Prep Like a Pro Seminar on Demand

Make show prep fun again with this efficient system to turn on the idea faucet. In this seminar, Tracy Johnson shows you the art and science of how to plan and prepare a winning...

Personality Success Path Seminar on Demand

Becoming a dominant, high profile radio personality is like romancing a life partner. It happens in stages. In this seminar, I share the 5 Stages of Personality Growth, showing radio personalities how to build...

Powerful Language For Strong Performance Seminar on Demand

How to communicate more effectively, provoke a greater response, and inspire audiences with simple adjustments to speech patterns.

Advanced Storytelling Seminar on Demand

Advanced storytelling techniques for radio personalities.

Get That Gig Seminar on Demand

How radio personalities can find and win that dream gig they've always wanted.

Avoiding Tune Out 101 Seminar on Demand

The most reliable way to increase radio ratings is to keep current listeners tuned in longer, and more often. In this seminar, Tracy Johnson shows you the 6 main causes of tune out and...

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How To Attract and Lead a Community of Fans By Being...

Many of you are too young to remember the classic cartoon Underdog. Check it out sometime. Yeah, a little cheesy, but awesome. And some...