Monday, November 29, 2021
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Guide To Better Interviews Seminar on Demand

Interviews can be a trouble spot. Most guests, even famous ones, are not engaging speakers and their agenda is usually less about helping your performance than using your platform to promote their agenda. But interviews...

It’s Time To Get Local Seminar on Demand

Prepare Tight Perform Loose Seminar on Demand

The Radio Storyteller’s Toolbox Seminar on Demand

In this seminar, Tracy Johnson provides details of skills every radio personality should develop to become a dynamic, charismatic, storyteller.

The Art of The Tease Seminar on Demand

The easiest way to improve your ratings is to cause current listeners to tune in more. That's in your control. Make all of the content on the air more important with effective teases. Teasing...

The Art of The Tease 2 Seminar on Demand

This seminar builds on the principles in The Art Of The Tease 1. It's loaded with examples of amazing teases from great radio personalities. You'll be able to craft more effective teases to drive...

How To Be Funnier On The Radio Seminar on Demand

How radio personalities can develop a funnier presence on the radio.

Show Prep: The Missing Link Seminar on Demand

This seminar on-demand shows radio personalities how to grow from hunter-gatherer to entertaining storyteller.

Prep Like a Pro Seminar on Demand

Make show prep fun again with this efficient system to turn on the idea faucet. In this seminar, Tracy Johnson shows you the art and science of how to plan and prepare a winning...

Personality Success Path Seminar on Demand

Becoming a dominant, high profile radio personality is like romancing a life partner. It happens in stages. In this seminar, I share the 5 Stages of Personality Growth, showing radio personalities how to build...

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Exaggeration is a Key to a Great Story

One of the most important skills in radio is the ability to tell stories. Do you want to be a great storyteller? Then it's...