Monday, May 29, 2023

Seminars On Demand

It’s All About You Seminar on Demand

Success in radio is being externally focused (listeners) with an internal goal (attention). The It's All About You seminar shows you how to do it.

Top Of Mind Awareness Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson shares how to make your radio personality and brand more important in this Top Of Mind Awareness Seminar

How To Air Check Radio Personalities Seminar on Demand

Air check sessions are one of the most difficult parts of the job for any program director or talent coach. They often become confrontational rather than creative. They're stressful rather than fun. But that...

Air Check Sessions That Don’t Suck Seminar on Demand

Nearly every personality and every program director dread air check meetings. But you don’t have to! Turn those sessions into creative, productive and exciting times of creative awesomeness. Get details on 17 themes to keep air...

The GIFS System Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson explains how the TJMG GIFS system works to keep a radio show consistent and creative in this practical seminar for personalities and programmers.

Taking Your Show From Good to Great Pt 1 Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson shows radio personalities the 5 keys to turning a good show into a great show. Bonus: Watch this presentation from Morning Show Boot Camp:

The Ultimate Guide To Solo Shows Seminar on Demand

The Ultimate Guide To Solo Shows seminar teaches personalities how to use their tools to compete with team shows.

Build The Perfect Morning Show Clock Seminar on Demand

This seminar shows personalities and programmers how to build the perfect morning show clock.

Contests And Games Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson shows you how to use contests and games to your advantage in today's ever-changing media world.  

Coaching The Coaches Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson and Mike McVay take you inside the keys to great radio stations: Coaching The Coaches to creative, winning radio.

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