Monday, November 29, 2021

Winning Features And How To Use Them Seminar on Demand

James Corden has become an international celebrity by turning Carpool Karaoke into a pop culture sensation. His late-night TV talk show continues to grow because of the incredible reach of this one regular feature...

Coaching The Coaches Seminar on Demand

Prep Like a Pro Seminar on Demand

Make show prep fun again with this efficient system to turn on the idea faucet. In this seminar, Tracy Johnson shows you the art and science of how to plan and prepare a winning...

How To Talk About Sensitive Topics Seminar on Demand

In a politically sensitive world, what should you talk about and how should you discuss it on your radio show? Find out best practices to stay topically relevant without running listeners off your show.

Fix Your Station For Generation Now Seminar on Demand

Radio advisors and observers talk about reaching millennials. But in this presentation, you'll find out how to do it on your radio station and radio show. Based on research with over 150 millennial listeners...

The Art of The Tease 2 Seminar on Demand

This seminar builds on the principles in The Art Of The Tease 1. It's loaded with examples of amazing teases from great radio personalities. You'll be able to craft more effective teases to drive...

Show Prep: The Missing Link Seminar on Demand

This seminar on-demand shows radio personalities how to grow from hunter-gatherer to entertaining storyteller.

Audience Persona Seminar on Demand

Build a customized, personalized audience persona to help guide every aspect of your brand. By truly understanding the audience, you can engage them in new and deeper ways. Learn the step-by-step process to gather and...

Fill Your Phone Lines Seminar on Demand

It's harder than ever to inspire listeners to call radio shows. But don't give up! Follow these tips to drive more calls...and better calls!

It’s All About The Hook Seminar on Demand

The first step in storytelling is the most important. It's the hook! Discover the power of a great opening line, and how a strong hook can add up to five times the engagement for any break...

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Game: Kids Quiz

Kids Quiz is a fun game to play and it keeps your audience glued to the radio, especially if you find the right kid(s). Kids...