Monday, May 29, 2023

Seminars On Demand

Guide To Better Interviews Seminar on Demand

The Guide To Better Interviews is an essential seminar for all personalities and programmers that have guests on the air (or on video)!

It’s Time To Get Local Seminar on Demand

There's a big difference between claiming to be local and actually being local. Tracy Johnson shows you how and why it's time to get local.

Prepare Tight Perform Loose Seminar on Demand

Most radio shows are either under-prepared or over-prepared. The key is to be properly prepared. This seminar shows how to apply improvisational skills to become better performers through deep preparation. You'll learn how to...

Promo Power Seminar on Demand

Re-imagine promo and imaging strategies to create campaigns that influence audiences and entertain listeners. This seminar shows you how. It's loaded with examples and actionable tips for all formats. You'll learn the concepts, hear...

How To Be Funnier On The Radio Seminar

Tracy Johnson's seminar on demand teaches radio personalities how to be funnier on the radio even if they never really thought they were funny!

Show Prep: The Missing Link Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson shows you how to make show prep fun again by providing The Missing Link to crafting unique and original content.

Prep Like a Pro Seminar on Demand

Show prep doesn't have to be like doing your taxes or a trip to the dentist. Prep Like a Pro is a system every show should use.

Personality Success Path Seminar

Every personality should watch the Personality Success Path seminar to guide them on how to reach their goals faster!  

Powerful Language For Strong Performance Seminar on Demand

Discover the key to a more high-profile performance by applying the concepts in Tracy Johnson's Powerful Language seminar.

Advanced Storytelling Seminar on Demand

First, watch the Storytelling Basics seminar. Then, when you've mastered those concepts, Tracy Johnson takes you through Advanced Storytelling with new ideas to take segments to an even higher level.

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