For decades, radio stations have followed a familiar pattern for promotions, contests and even playing interactive games on a radio show. Invite the 9th caller to play and win! And of course, the phone lines light up, you get a player in just a minute or two, and the fun continues. But there’s a much more effective way that can result in a better player, larger pool of candidates and free word of mouth advertising for contest players.

Asking for a certain caller to play the game is easy, but it’s not best. Not even close. The vast majority of listeners have stopped trying to call in and win years ago. That’s why call in to win contests are dead. They just don’t work like they once did.

You probably know that intuitively. It’s reinforced every time you play a daily game like Thousand Dollar Minute or Heads Up. The same few folks call over and over. They get through because there isn’t much competition on those lines.

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Here’s a better way to solicit contest players.

Online Applications for Contest Players

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