The biggest reason some interviews with guests are boring is because the questions are predictable. The guest has heard (and answered) them a million times, and listeners have heard (and usually don’t care) about the responses. So do something about it. We can fix that by asking surprising questions in interviews.

You’ll get a more enthusiastic response and may find a topic that you can probe further or get a soundbite to re-use. Sometimes it could even create publicity for your show locally or virally.

If you do a rapid-fire interview for social media like this one, some of these questions could be mixed in to bring out the guest’s personality.

Some of these questions are silly. They’re not designed to get a deep response or sound bite that makes the local news. But if it makes the guest laugh or let their guard down, it could lead to some terrific dialogue.

Of course, you’ll want to use good judgement in choosing the right questions for your guests. Some may be more appropriate than others. Also realize that these are just a starting point. Brainstorm to come up with your own questions to add to the list.

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Note: You could also use these for Character Profile questions with your partners!

Surprising  Questions For Interviews

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