To win the ratings game, a programmer must be like a gambler in Las Vegas. Understand how the game is played and place your bets when the best odds are in your favor. In radio, there are just 3 ways to increase ratings. And only 3 ways. Each can be effective, but one carries the best odds for hitting the jackpot.

It takes time for an audience to be introduced, get to know, start to like and fall in love with a new show. It just does. Every personality must go through the Personality Success Path, the 5 stages of growth that affect every successful personality.

Advertising and marketing can accelerate the process. Wait, what am I saying? Is there even a budget item for advertising anymore? But have no fear. All is not lost. There is always another way.

A million dollar advertising campaign would be nice, but you don’t need it to win. Not really. Every personality has the power to grow and even double the ratings by understanding how the ratings game works.

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In every business, there are just three ways to improve market share. The same is true in radio.

3 Ways to Increase Ratings

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