Maybe you’ve heard: The audience is busy. They aren’t paying that much attention. They’re distracted. It’s harder and harder to command attention, let alone retain it. To cut through, you must create specific messaging with a definite call to action. I’m issuing a challenge to all radio stations: The Specific Promos Challenge.

Nothing else will be effective.

And, the message must be targeted to something listeners actually want.

Listen to the promos on the air. What is the message being delivered? Does it offer the user something to do? Does it direct them to a specific action?

Most don’t.

Promos to “Read our Blog” won’t get it done. What’s the blog about? Why does it exist? How does it add value to my life? Why is it worth my time?

Messages that say, “We Play (Your Market Here)’s Most Music” go in one ear and out the other. In fact, I’m not sure they even get in the first ear! It’s not meaningful.

That promo that claims, “Visit our website and win fabulous prizes.” What prizes? Why? What do I have to do? And when I get to the website, where do I go? It’s another hollow, empty claim that doesn’t generate response.

How about this one: “A lot of great stuff is coming up in a few minutes”. That’s not a tease or a promo. It doesn’t say anything. It just takes up time.

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Most radio promos are produced well, but the message doesn’t cut through to drive response. That’s the heart of the Specific Promos Challenge.

Why Specific Promos Are A Must

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