The Art of The Tease 5: The Tease Quiz Seminar on Demand

Tracy Johnson’s Art of the Tease 5: The Tease Quiz Seminar tests your ability to identify a good tease and recognize a bad one. You’ll be asked to evaluate teases. Then Tracy breaks it down, showing you what works and doesn’t. But more importantly, he explains why the teases are effective or not. Then, he develops a better solution for the weak teases so you can understand how to do it on your own show.

In Part 2, you’re challenged to write a tease for a series of stories. Then, you’ll see several examples of effective teases and the ones Tracy likes best.

This seminar builds on the Art Of the Tease 1 (Teasing Theory) and Art Of The Tease 2 (Teasing Strategy), Art of The Tease 3 (Types of Teases), and Art of The Tease 4 (Timing The Tease).