Radio personalities are either making an impact, or they are not. They’re either true personalities or just announcers. There’s nothing wrong with being an announcer, but announcers aren’t difference-makers. The point is, the middle ground is dangerous. It’s ordinary. The problem is that almost all human being want to be special, but few are bold enough or committed enough to stand out. Nobody wants to be average. But most are afraid to be different. That’s why so many personalities are trapped in the Zone of Mediocrity.

Personalities that stand out – the elite 1% – are almost all hated by a percentage of the audience. And that makes many personalities uncomfortable.

Personalities that build loyal followings are polarizing. Every talent able to recruit and lead a fan base comes with baggage. The very things that cause listeners to fall in love with them also cause others to dislike them.

And to avoid the pain of negativity, many personalities land in the Zone of Mediocrity.

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The Zone of Mediocrity

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