Close-up Stainless knob and latch on blue door with copy space.

Spend a few minutes talking to programmers and air talent about their radio show, and it’s usually not long until someone asks about topics and content. We’re all looking for the silver bullet, that perfect topic that attracts listeners and is so on target we just can’t miss. But that’s misplaced emphasis. Great radio performances can be about anything, even a doorknob.

In seminars and workshops, I lead clients through a concept called The Topic Tree. It demonstrates the art of creativity by turning topics into ideas and ideas into stories. The process is fun, interactive and usually leads to a significant content and show prep breakthrough.

I’d like to take all the credit for the origin of this technique, but it was inspired by a talk show host I managed. Rick Roberts taught me that a personality can talk about anything: Even a doorknob.

A Four Hour Show About A Doorknob

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