Here’s some unexpected advice for programmers and managers when coaching volatile air personalities. You should treat talent like dogs. What? Seriously?

Thats sounds strange coming from a radio talent coach, and I’ve had a lot of pushback from both personalities and management. But that’s only when they don’t get deeper into the topic.

Dogs are our best friends. They’re friendly, loyal and always there for you. We love our dogs, and many owners treat their dogs better than family members.

As managers and program directors, we should love our radio talent. It’s not bad to treat talent like dogs.

If you’ve ever raised a puppy, you know how frustrating it can be. You also learn that it’s fun. And when they “get it,” you have a loyal friend for life!

Well-trained, properly managed air talent are exactly the same. That’s why you should treat talent like dogs.

10 Reasons To Treat Talent Like Dogs

These adorable and talented creatures will drive you crazy, wear you out, and test your patience. Success depends on how programmers understand, inspire and reward them!

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So here are 10 reasons we should treat them like dogs:

They Respond to Praise

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