Everybody loves shortcuts. Shortcuts are terrific. Shortcuts save time and energy. But in some areas, there’s no cutting corners. Preparing a radio show is one of those areas that seems adaptable to shortcuts. But it’s not. Memorize this show prep formula and remind yourself of it every day: Time Spent Preparing equals Time Spent Listening. Or, for those scientific minds: TSP = TSL.

The amount of time spent preparing a radio show is directly related to the amount of time spent listening to that show.

Most readers will think the solution is to spend more time gathering topics to find things to talk about. That’s the easy part. Deeper preparation transforms content from topics to entertainment.

Master chefs spend time selecting the ingredients to be used in a recipe. Finding the freshest vegetables and most desirable cuts of meat are the foundation of his masterpiece. Ingredients are important, but that’s just shopping at the store. Every chef can shop at the same market. Not every chef can create a signature dish from the ingredients.

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A chef spends more time and attention on what he or she does with those ingredients. How will they be cooked? What is the perfect combination of spices to accent the individual tastes and textures? Should it be sautéed, broiled, baked or fried? How will it be presented? What side dishes and wine pairings will turn the ingredients into an unforgettable dining experience?

Performance takes time to perfect. And TSP equals TSL. Always.

TSP Equals TSL: Perspective

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