You need to use this Mother’s Day song on your show. It works for virtually any station in any format if you set it up right.

This is charming, sentimental and highly emotional.

The song is Mama by Boyz II Men. It probably doesn’t fit your format. That doesn’t matter.

This isn’t about musical identity. It simply serves to set the tone for the kids to talk about their moms.

How To Use The Mother’s Day Song

Setting up the segment is critical. Don’t just play it for “all those moms out there”. Curate it and make it meaningful. For example, you could:

  •  Include a personal story or comment about your relationship to your mom.
  • Take calls from listeners with messages about mom.
  • Set up a recorded line to gather messages to mix into other versions of the song.

In other words, put some thought into it and really stage it.

I recommend NOT talking out of the song. Let that last line linger for a beat (or two). Then a produced show ID into a stop set. Powerful.

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A great idea: Present this as your gift to moms and make it into a shareable video with a short intro from your show.

Programming The Song

Play it several times during your show on the Friday before Mother’s Day, and make it your last break of the day. It’s a great way to say goodbye on that Friday morning.

If you use this on your show, send me an air check. I’d love to hear how it sounded. Please send an air check to [email protected]

Here’s how Program Director Andreas Hinsberger produced the song on his Anenne Vorarlberg in Austria (in German):