Be careful what you wish for. when a kid says they want a dog, they don’t really know what they’re getting into. And If parents get them a dog, there are responsibilities and expectations. And it lasts for years and years.

Puppies are cute. Dogs are awesome. They’re our best friends. But they’re also a lot of work. And they cause problems that can’t be imagined before they come into the household.

The same is true for program directors who want high profile air talent.

Dog trainers know that the key to success has little to do with the dogs. It’s all about training the trainers. The dogs are easy.

Dog behavior is somewhat predictable, if you know what to expect, are patient and prepared to manage them. Just like the trainers, much of what I do when coaching talent is really training the coaches: program directors and managers.

Just like training a puppy, air talent will make you crazy with short attention spans. They’ll wear you out with energy. And just like puppies yipping and yapping in the middle of the night, personalities keep you up with problems only they think are important.

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Puppies want to play at dinner time. Or eat at bedtime. When it’s time for a walk, they’re ready for a nap. And vice-versa.

And personalities with problems rarely happen at a convenient time because they’re on a different schedule. Morning personalities get up in the middle of the night. When the PD has time to meet, they’re dead tired. It’s the end of their day.

It takes more time to manage air talent than most broadcasters think. And sometimes it tests their will to live.

But it’s worth it. Raise them well, and they’ll always be a loyal companion. There’s nothing like it.

But get it wrong and they make your life a living hell.

Do You Really Want a Dog?