You intuitively know that radio is under attack from all forms of media for consumer attention. It’s not just other radio stations battling for those quarter hours. Anything that takes listeners away from your radio show is the enemy. That’s why top of mind awareness (TOMA) should be your highest priority. And that’s why you should be a fan of features. Well-branded features help win the war for attention by increasing TOMA.

It’s common sense, really. Audiences are attracted by specific things at specific times. The evidence is everywhere, including your own life:

  • You don’t decide to go to a movie, show up at the cineplex and then decide what to see and when to see it. No. Instead, you make an appointment to see a particular film at a specific showing.
  • When’s the last time you decided to go to a concert, and set a course for a venue without knowing who’s playing? Or whether there is even a band scheduled that night?
  • Your friend doesn’t text to say, “Let’s go see a sporting event. There’s always something good at the sports arena.” You make specific plans to see a specific game on a certain day and time.
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Sure, you may turn on the television and start surfing for something to pass time. But probably not. Not anymore. Usually, you have an idea of what you want to watch. And you probably are making an appointment with your DVR or an on-demand service rather than taking your chances of finding “something good” on TV.

Winning The War For Attention


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