Writing skills translate to virtually every business, including radio performance. Improve your writing, and the thought process while writing, and on-air personalities will become clearer, more focused and more creative. This will make for better promos, teases, liners and production.

And the good news? Everyone can improve writing skills.

Try this experiment:

On your way home from work today, listen to a break or two on every radio station on the dial.

Listen to how they image, promote and position their brand.

But don’t listen as a programmer, air personality or radio executive. Listen like a listener.

While you’re at it, take note of the quality of commercials. You may hear a few impressive elements, but mostly you’ll hear a lot of things that need to improve.

You’ll be amazed how most stations deliver messages about their product by delivering information rather than inspiring audiences emotionally. Most broadcasters live in a bubble, absorbed in day-to-day activities inside the radio station.

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We analyze, compare and counter-program against other stations by adjusting clocks and writing recorded elements designed more to convince a listener than motivate them.

This should impact how you prepare your show every day.

How Writing Skills Improve Show Prep

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