The first day of school is a big deal, for parents and for kids. That makes it a promotion opportunity for your show, especially if you’re tapping into the emotional moments that your audience is going through.

The prize could be to set up a new student by giving away a limousine to school on the first day! Be sure to get video for their grand entrance.
But the prize isn’t the most important thing: This is all about getting the stories of that first day of school. The audio is fantastic, and far more valuable than the payoff.

Here are a few ideas to start the creative juices flowing:

First Day Of School Ideas: Kindergarten Kids

Kids going into “real school” for the first time can be really cute. The easiest way to connect with this is simple shout outs to those kids starting school. It’s a great way to connect with their moms.

But this is a great moment to talk to them. Get them on the phone to talk about what they expect school to be like. What will be the best part of school?

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Do they look forward to anything? What are they afraid of? Who is their teacher? What will he/she be like? How does it feel to be a “big kid” now? What do they think they’ll learn today?

Then follow up the next day to find out how it really was on Day 1.


The emotions of a mom taking a child to school for the first time is powerful. It’s one of those days they never forget. Talk to them.

What are they feeling? What do they look forward to? Talk to them before they take them to school, and again after they drop them off. If you find a great caller that expresses herself well, follow along as they take their child to school for the first time.


For kids going into middle school or high school for the first time, it’s a transition year and there’s a lot of anxiety.

Capture their emotions, get their stories and talk them through the experience. Then, follow up the next day to get the real story of what happened. It’s usually not nearly as horrible as they expect.

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