Set this up in advance and you’ll have great content as well as a free promotion! Forgotten Reservations makes your show the hero to guys who forgot to plan ahead until it’s too late. This can be used for Valentine’s Day or other high-traffic holidays at restaurants.

This article explains how to execute the Forgotten Feservations promotion. Including:

  • An explanation of the promotion.
  • Execution tips for making it stand out on the air.

Forgotten Reservations

The market manager loves promotions that cost little to nothing, and this fits that category. A lot of guys in your audience will forget to make a reservation, or wait until it’s too late to get a table at a good restaurant.

You can fix that.

  • Make reservations for two at several of the best restaurants in town. The reservations should be made in your name.
  • In the last days before Valentine’s Day, give away the reservations to guys who forgot to make plans for Valentine’s Day.
  • Take calls with them explaining why they are a loser and wait until the last minute. The show decides if their story is worthy and they get the reservation.
  • When there’s a winner, simply call the restaurant and change the name on the reservation. Don’t buy dinner, just give them the reservation! You’re bailing them out of a tough spot.
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