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What does mom want for Mother’s Day? Love and affection from her kids. A Mother’s Day Photo Contest campaign can produce warm feelings for mom while getting the kids involved.

This article is a list of online promotion ideas for Mother’s Day Photo Contests. Including: 

  • Ideas to launch a winning promotion.

Executing Mother’s Day Photo Contests

This promotion is best executed as a User-Generated photo contest. Follow the tips here for details on how to execute a good online contest.

Use your imagination for a creative approach that supports and enhances your brand. Here are some thought starters:

  • Mother/Daughter Look Like: Self-explanatory.
  • Kids Art: Let mom show off young children’s original artwork. This promotion is perfect for Mother’s Day, back to school time, or at any other time. Be sure to include a space for mom to write about what it means to her or why it’s special.
  • Hottest Moms: Depending on the format, make it why my mom is an awesome mom contest or make it a more edgy MILF contest (Call it MILF Madness?). For edgiest stations: How about a Hot Mom Bikini Contest?
  • Best Single Mom: Kids enter why their single mom is the best. Read some of the entries on the air, then call the mom to tell them what they said.
  • Moms That Look Like Celebrities.
  • Mom and Me. Pictures of mom and daughter together.
  • Why My Mom Rocks. This is a more clever title than “Best Mom”.
See also  Online Contest: Best/Worst


It makes the most sense to run this over a relatively short period of time leading up to Mother’s Day.  Promote it about two weeks out, but focus most of the attention on the week leading up to Mother’s Day.

You can announce the winner on the air, or keep it strictly online.

A Mother’s Day photo contest can be a strong promotion, especially for AC, Hot AC, and Christian stations. It can be run with on-air campaigns like The Big Thank You or stand-alone.

Now, go melt some hearts!