Show prep isn’t all that difficult with a creative approach to generating new ideas. Usually it’s just taking the time to organize the meeting with the team. And it’s the same when it comes time to brainstorm original Mother’s Day ideas.

In this article, I’ll show you how to brainstorm ideas for any topic, but in this case we focus on generating ideas for Mother’s Day.

Brainstorm Original Mother’s Day Ideas

Step 1: Explore your own life. What unique perspective or story can you bring to your show?

For example:

  • If your mom has passed, what do you want to tell her? (Write her a letter and read it on air).
  • I miss her always wanting to make me eggs no matter what time of day.
  • I remember her only playing rod Stewart in her vehicle anywhere we went.
  • She was obsessed with garage sales.
  • I loved how she was so overly proud of anything I did.
  • I miss having someone I can trust watch my kids for no charge at all.
  • Christmas isn’t the same without her.
  • I miss her organizational skills
  • Annoying things – like tell me things about her childhood – I wish I had them back.
  • I miss her not understanding technology at all
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More Brainstorming Ideas for Original Stories

  • Bare minimum moms – how did your mom do the bare minimum? How did she take shortcuts?
  • In what way was your mom less than perfect? Would you have changed that? What did your mom teach you that would prevent her from ever being voted “Mother of the Year?”
  • What’s the one thing your mom does not know about you?
  • How did you turn out just like your mom?
  • What saying or phrase did your mom always use? And are you now using it, too? This could lead to momisms – things your mom told you? That could lead to a segment of At what moment did you realize you have turned into your mom?
  • What secret did the rest of the family keep from mom – “Don’t tell your mother!”?

Step 2: As you share these experiences, watch for strongest responses. Those are the ideas that have the potential to become great personal stories on the air. Identify those moments, and collect the ideas.

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Step 3: Choose the most interesting stories and develop them, using the 5 steps of storytelling. How can you enhance the stories and build more anticipation in them?

Step 4: Challenge your creative team to extend the idea. What else could you do with it? What else should you do? Is there a promotional opportunity? Could it be a phone topic? How an you get the most mileage from the best ideas?


By the time you pass through all the steps, you should have enough original Mother’s Day ideas and topics for several years! Apply this process to other major events and holidays. It’s amazing how much content you’ll generate.

There’s a detailed tutorial on exactly how to do it for any topic or holiday here.