Want to endear your personality to parents and encourage tune in to the station or radio show? Go through their kids by reading at school.

If you can start a relationship with school districts, principles and teachers, it’s a free promotion that gets children to essentially force their parents to tune in. Yes, it’s bribing them, but it generates cume!

How To Execute Reading at School

The basic premise is to go to local classrooms and read books to the children. It works best for the younger grades, like 1st-4th.

Here are several ideas for basic execution. Mix and match these tacts to fit your show or station best.


Visit a classroom every week, if possible. If not, try for every two per weeks. It’s best to choose the book in advance, or ask the teacher to provide a book that fits what he/she is teaching.

Usually, teachers love the variety and an air personality that emphasizes the importance and fun of reading is a great message for the class.

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Get Audio

Make sure you record the session to use on the air and bring back audio with the kids talking if possible. You can get responses to the reading or testimonials for the station.

Get them to read a positioning liner. Or intro that you use for a specific feature. Or read a sponsor tag.

Another idea is to ask them to answer questions that could make a funny/interesting segment later. For examples, check out this idea.

Record It

Another option is to record the show reading the book in advance, and make a CD recording (or a memory stick) to send home with each kid in the class.

Encourage them to play it for their parents and listen to it together.

Promote Your Show

Include a note inviting them to listen at a specific time tomorrow because you’ll be saying “Hello” to their child’s classroom, and they may even hear their child on the air (if you’ve gathered audio from the kids during your visit).

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If possible, time the short segment on the air to the quarter-hour most parents will be driving their kids to school (or driving to work) the next day.


It’s also effective to record a video of the show reading the book in the studio (not the classroom version).

Post it on YouTube, and include the link for the kids to watch at home with their parents. Be sure to include tune-in information at the end of the video.

This can also be promotable, and spread to other schools each week.


Turn the appearance into a call-in contest for the kids in the class by asking a question from the book you’ve read to them.

The morning after the appearance or video is released, ask a question from the story. The first kid calling with the correct answer wins a small prize (free pizza, for example).

This is a natural way to get more credit for the appearances, and to promote the online video!

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Video Only

If you can’t make it to the classroom to read, the promotion works via video only.

Record a video each week (or each month) and promote through the schools (if possible). Ask a question on the air the morning after the video is released. The first kid ith the answer wins a pizza and ice cream party for their classroom.


For an added touch, give $100 in office supplies for their teacher (every teacher needs more budget for school/teaching supplies).

This can become a competition between schools to get kids calling to win. Some may even hand out flyers to parents promoting your show.