Special programming works as long as the programming is exceptional. It’s also important that it has a context and makes sense. Many radio shows try to get attention when school returns by tapping into this life-altering annual event. Turning Back To School Month into Teacher’s Month is an idea that can work. And here’s a bonus: Plan it, and it can be a very sponsor-friendly event.

Back To School Teacher’s Month

It’s easy to start a feature that honors teachers, but it usually becomes part of the background and doesn’t stand out. It also tends to be a bit boring at times.

A typical Teacher of the Day or Teacher of the Week segment is the easiest way to execute Teacher’s Month. You could ask for nominations online, then call a teacher daily or weekly to talk to them. This is a good idea if you already have a Hometown Heroes or Wall of Heroes. Follow the instructions below to build it.

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But what if you turned the first month of school into Teacher’s Month? There are many ways to integrate the concept into existing programming.

Teacher’s Month Ideas

Topics: Identify several call-in topics that focus on stories from teachers and program them strategically several times during the week. Make it fun and interactive. Great topics are always available at our show prep service, Personality Magnet.

Games: If you play recurring games like Thousand Dollar Minute, turn one day per week into a Teacher’s Only game. You could also create a particular version of Are You Smarter Than A Sixth Grader, with teachers taking on students in a battle for superior knowledge.

Tributes: Use the Big Thank You idea once per week (or just on one day at the end of the month) to add a nice, sentimental touch to the campaign.

Promotion: The Clear The Wishlist promotion is a great pairing that complements Teacher’s Month well. Start on this early and continue it through the month.

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Imaging: Turn show and station imaging into school and class mentions, emphasizing teachers, as described here.


If you plan various features highlighting Back To School, it’s easy to turn those efforts into an all-encompassing Teacher’s Month. Packaging the bundle of individual events under that umbrella could make a more significant impact and help you earn points with a potentially influential audience.