It happens every time. The (Oscars, Grammy’s Golden Globes, CMA’s, AMA’s, etc.) Awards were the night before. Now, the air personality reads a list of who won and lost, covering it like news. And listeners tune out en masse. Because either they already know or they don’t care. But it’s timely and relevant, so how should a radio show sound the day after an awards show?

Listeners who care probably watched the show, and already know the facts. Or they watched an already forgot about it. They’re still interested in the show, but want something more. Just recycling facts doesn’t provide anything interesting or new.

Every radio show that talks about pop culture at all can draw on the awards show for content. Each events is full of relevant topics that is a treasure of content. I’ve actually worked with shows that look forward to the day after because “Our show is already planned for us. We’ll just talk about who won”.

But that’s just lazy.

4 Keys: The Day After the Awards Show

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