Finish The Line TV Edition is a fun trivia game with several ways to play it. You can play general knowledge questions or theme the game to a specific artist or performer. It’s a terrific game for team shows or solo personalities.

Before you begin, follow the guidelines for playing games in the Game Strategy section here.

Then, choose the best method to play this game based on your show and how you’ll use the game.

Finish The Line TV Edition

This simple game asks contestants to finish the line that is given.

Before you begin, follow the detailed instructions and options for playing the game outlined here.


It is easy to find quotes to fit your game, but here are a few to get started:

Question: Make it ________.
Answer: Make it so.
Person: Jean-Luc Picard (Captain Picard)
Context: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Question: That’s what ______.
Answer: That’s what she said.
Person: Michael Scott
Context: The Office (U.S.)

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Question: I am the _________.
Answer: I am the one who knocks.
Person: Walter White
Context: Breaking Bad

Question: In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, ________
Answer: who prosecute the _______ offenders.
Person: Narrator
Context: Law & Order

Question: Live long and ___________.
Answer: Prosper.
Person: Spock
Context: Star Trek (original series)

Question: Who loves orange ________?
Answer: Soda.
Person: Kel Kimble
Context: Kenan & Kel

Question: It’s gonna be _______.
Answer: Legen—wait for it—dary.
Person: Barney Stinson
Context: How I Met Your Mother

Question: The tribe has ________.
Answer: Spoken.
Person: Jeff Probst
Context: Survivor

Question: The truth is ________.
Answer: Out There.
Person: Fox Mulder
Context: The X-Files

Question: Come at the king, you best not ________.
Answer: Miss.
Person: Omar Little
Context: The Wire

Question: To boldly go where no ______ .
Answer: Man has gone before.
Person: Captain Kirk
Context: Star Trek (original series)

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Question: Say my ________.
Answer: Name.
Person: Walter White
Context: Breaking Bad

Question: I declare ________!
Answer: Bankruptcy!
Person: Michael Scott
Context: The Office (U.S.)

Question: I am the ________ Slayer.
Answer: Vampire.
Person: Buffy Summers
Context: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Question: Clear eyes, full hearts, _______.
Answer: Can’t lose.
Person: Coach Taylor
Context: Friday Night Lights

Question: What’chu talkin’ ’bout, ________?
Answer: Willis.
Person: Arnold Jackson
Context: Diff’rent Strokes

Question: Suit _______.
Answer: Up.
Person: Barney Stinson
Context: How I Met Your Mother

Question: A Lannister always pays his ________.
Answer: Debts.
Person: Various characters
Context: Game of Thrones

Question: If it weren’t for you meddling ________!
Answer: Kids.
Person: Various villains
Context: Scooby-Doo

Question: You are the weakest ________. Goodbye!
Answer: Link.
Person: Anne Robinson
Context: The Weakest Link

Question: Did I do ________?
Answer: That.
Person: Steve Urkel
Context: Family Matters

Question: Let’s be careful out ________.
Answer: There.
Person: Various characters
Context: Hill Street Blues

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Question: In West Philadelphia, born and ________.
Answer: Raised.
Person: Will Smith
Context: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Question: I love it when a plan ________.
Answer: Comes together.
Person: Hannibal Smith
Context: The A-Team