The Lyrics Challenge 80s Edition tests a player’s knowledge of song lyrics.

Before you begin, follow the guidelines for playing games in the Game Strategy section here.

Then, choose the best method to play this game based on your show and how you’ll use the game.

The Lyrics Challenge 80s Edition

This game is fun for listeners to play along in the car. Plus, it’s a terrific way to connect a personality to the station’s format, engage listeners, and reinforce the music brand.

It also works as a complement to music features like some of these. Some personalities may want to make it a part of a music feature or special weekend programming.

The Lyrics Challenge 80s Edition is simply a series of lyrics-based questions. It’s distinctly different from the Lyrics Game because of how the questions are formulated, but you could mix in questions from this game with that feature and vice-versa.

Tips for Playing

Be sure the clues are easy enough for listeners to play along with or at least guess. It’s no fun if the lyrics are too obscure or the songs are unfamiliar. There’s nothing worse than a contestant that has no idea and can’t make a guess.

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Consider making difficult questions multiple-choice, especially if playing with listeners.

Some shows play a clip of each song with the lyrics after revealing the correct answers to remind listeners who may not know the song just by title and artist. If you’re playing multiple rounds, this can get quite long.


Here are some examples of questions and answers:

Who did Michael Jackson insist was not his lover? Billie Jean

What year did Prince want to party? 1999

Murray Head sang a song about this Asian city. Bangkok (One Night In Bangkok)

Simon Le Bon and his band had a big appetite. You might even say it was like this animal. The Wolf (Hungry Like The Wolf)

According to Cindy Lauper, what do girls want to do? Have fun.

Chicago insists you are the inspiration because of what? You give meaning to my life. Song: You’re The Inspiration

Journey claims the small town girl was born and raised in this area. South Detroit. Song: Don’t Stop Believin’

When the elevator tries to get you down, what does Prince say happens next? Go crazy. Song: Let’s Go Crazy

Madonna lives in what kind of world? Material. Song: Material Girl

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How does Blondie want you to get in touch with her? Call her on the phone. Song: Call Me

Where did The Bangles see the cops hanging out? In the donut shop. Song: Walk Like An Egyptian

What does George Michael want from you? Sex. Song: I Want Your Sex

What color is the car Prince is obsessed with? Red. Song: Little Red Corvette

Wherever you go and whatever you do, what will The Police be doing? Watching you. Song: Every Breath You Take

Rick Springfield has one wish. What is it? He was Jessie’s girl. Song: Jessie’s Girl

Whitney Houston is looking for a partner to do what? Dance. Song: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

On what foundation did The Starship build this city? Rock and roll. Song: We Built This City

In Wanted Dead Or Alive, what is Bon Jovi? Cowboy. Song: Wanted Dead or Alive

Does A-ha think it’s better to be safe than sorry? No. It’s no better. Song: Take On Me

Toto has the weather report. Where is it raining? Africa. Song: Africa

When they want to let it all out, what do Tears for Fears do? Shout. Song: Shout

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Is it too late for Devo to whip it? No. It’s not too late. Song: Whip It

How hungry is Duran Duran? Like the wolf. Song: Hungry Like the Wolf

Nena is watching red balloons fly by. How many are there? 99. Song: 99 Red Balloons

The Pet Shop Boys think you’re mad, and too what? Unstable. Song: West End Girls

Frankie Goes to Hollywood says don’t do it. What should you do instead? Relax. Song: Relax

What color are Boy George of The Culture Club’s dreams? Red, gold, and green. Song: Karma Chameleon

When should you set George Michael’s alarm clock? Before you Go-Go. Song: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Where did Phil Collins see your photo? In a frame. Song: Against All Odds

Joan Jett Needs a dime, baby. Why? Put another dime in the jukebox. Song: I Love Rock N Roll

Pat Benatar says fire away and do what? Hit me with your best shot. Song: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Van Halen has nothing better to do, so you might as well _____. Jump Song: Jump