The Lyrics Challenge Country Edition tests a player’s knowledge of song lyrics.

Before you begin, follow the guidelines for playing games in the Game Strategy section here.

Then, choose the best method to play this game based on your show and how you’ll use the game.

The Lyrics Challenge Country Edition

This game is fun for listeners to play along in the car. Plus, it’s a terrific way to connect a personality to the station’s format, engage listeners, and reinforce the music brand.

It also works as a complement to music features like some of these. Some personalities may want to make it a part of a music feature or special weekend programming.

The Lyrics Challenge Country Edition is simply a series of lyrics-based questions. It’s distinctly different from the Lyrics Game because of how the questions are formulated, but you could mix in questions from this game with that feature and vice-versa.

Tips for Playing

Be sure the clues are easy enough for listeners to play along with or at least guess. It’s no fun if the lyrics are too obscure or the songs are unfamiliar.¬†There’s nothing worse than a contestant that has no idea and can’t make a guess.

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Consider making difficult questions multiple-choice, especially if playing with listeners.

Some shows play a clip of each song with the lyrics after revealing the correct answers to remind listeners who may not know the song just by title and artist. If you’re playing multiple rounds, this can get quite long.


Here are some examples of questions and answers:

What does Blake Shelton say the Boys ‘Round Here are holding? Ice-cold beer.

What is it that Willie Nelson just can’t wait to do? Get back on the road again.

What time does Alan Jackson think it is somewhere? 5 o’clock.

Keith Urban is convinced his girlfriend looks good in what? My shirt.

What did Johnny Cash fall into? A burning ring of fire.

How does Lee Greenwood feel about being an American? Proud.

Garth Brooks places blame on what? His roots. Song: Friends in Low Places

When does Shania Twain feel like a woman? After midnight. Song: Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

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Kenny Rogers has a keen sense of timing. He knows when to hold ’em, and also what? When to fold ’em. Song: The Gambler

What hours does Dolly Parton work to make her living? 9 to 5. Song: 9 to 5

Tim McGraw likes it. He loves it. And what does he want? Some more of it. Song: I Like It, I Love It.

When did Taylor Swift know you were trouble? When you walked in. Song: I Knew You Were Trouble

Jason Aldean takes a little ride with whom? You. Song: Dirt Road Anthem

Carrie Underwood dug her key into the side of what? His pretty little souped-up 4-wheel drive. Song: Before He Cheats

What does Brad Paisley check? Yes or No. Song: Check Yes or No

Who stole Blake Shelton’s heart? Honey Bee. Song: Honey Bee

What do Blake Shelton and his boys talk about? Girls and trucks. Song: Boys Round Here.

When does Lady Antebellum need you? Now. Song: Need You Now

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Where does Florida Georgia Line cruise? Down a dirt road. Song: Cruise

Luke Combs talks about you while doing what? Hits his beer. Song: Beer Never Broke My Heart

What’s burning down, according to Chris Stapleton? Whiskey. Song: Tennessee Whiskey

Eric Church gives people hell if they’re from where? Carolina. Song: Give Me Back My Hometown

Toby Keith courtesy flushes the what? Commode. Song: As Good As I Once Was

What is on Willie Nelson’s mind? You. Song: Always On My Mind

Johnny Cash keeps a close watch on what? His heart. Song: I Walk The Line

Hank Williams is so lonesome. What did he lose? His mind. Song: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

What disappointed Merle Haggard to the point of letting him down? The bottle. Song: The Bottle Let Me Down