The One Hit Wonder Quiz 80s Edition tests a player’s knowledge of well-known songs, but easily-forgotten bands.

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The One Hit Wonder Quiz 80s Edition

This game is fun for listeners to play along in the car. Plus, it’s a terrific way to connect a personality to the station’s format, engage listeners, and reinforce the music brand.

It also works as a complement to music features like some of these. Some personalities may want to make it a part of a music feature or special weekend programming.

Be sure the clues are easy enough for listeners to play along with or at least guess. It’s no fun if the questions are too obscure or the songs are unfamiliar. There’s nothing worse than a contestant that has no idea and can’t make a guess.

Consider making difficult questions multiple-choice, especially if playing with listeners.

Some shows play a clip of each song with the lyrics after revealing the correct answers to remind listeners who may not know the song just by title and artist. If you’re playing multiple rounds, this can get quite long.


Here are some examples of questions and answers for the One Hit Wonders 80s Quiz, along with a brief recap of the band’s history.

Q: What song made Dexy’s Midnight Runners famous? Answer: Come On, Eileen.

Dexys Midnight Runners’ energetic and Celtic-infused “Come on Eileen” captivated audiences with its infectious charm, combining catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and an irresistible sing-along chorus. It remains a beloved and iconic one-hit wonder, epitomizing the spirit of 1980s pop music.

Q: Which music group is known for “I Ran (So Far Away)”? Answer A Flock of Seagulls.

A Flock of Seagulls’ synth-driven and atmospheric “I Ran (So Far Away)” captured the essence of the new wave era with its futuristic sound and infectious hooks. Its iconic chorus and memorable hairstyle solidified its place as a quintessential 80s one-hit-wonder.

Q: This song made A-ha one of the most iconic one-hit wonders. Answer: Take On Me.

A-ha’s “Take on Me” mesmerized listeners with its blend of catchy pop melodies and innovative music video that seamlessly integrated animation and live-action. This iconic one-hit wonder remains a timeless anthem of the 1980s, capturing hearts with its unforgettable chorus and soaring vocals.

Q: Who sings “867-5309/Jenny”? Answer: Tommy Tutone.

Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny” became an instant pop-rock sensation with its infectious hooks and memorable phone number chorus. This enduring one-hit wonder captured the imagination of listeners and solidified its place as a classic 80s anthem.

Q: What song was made famous by Soft Cell? Answer: Tainted Love.

Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” reimagined Gloria Jones’ soulful original into a synth-pop masterpiece. With its pulsating beats, haunting vocals, and iconic hook, this one-hit wonder became a timeless anthem of love’s dark complexities, leaving an indelible mark on the 1980s music scene. The band combined Tainted Love with another classic, Where Did Our Love Go for their hit song.

Q: Name the singer who had a hit with “Mickey.” Answer: Toni Basil.

Toni Basil’s “Mickey” burst onto the scene with its infectious cheerleader-inspired energy and catchy pop hooks. This lively one-hit wonder became an instant party anthem, captivating audiences and securing its place as an iconic 80s hit that continues to bring joy and nostalgia.

Q Which song put Modern English on the map? Answer: I Melt With You.

Modern English’s “I Melt With You” captured the essence of youthful love and optimism with its dreamy new-wave sound. This iconic one-hit wonder combined shimmering guitars, heartfelt lyrics, and an irresistible chorus, leaving an everlasting impression on 80s music lovers.

Q: This group gained fame in the 80s for “I Want Candy.” Answer: Bow Wow Wow.

Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy” delivered a playful and infectious new wave sound that ignited dancefloors. This energetic one-hit wonder, with its catchy hooks and rebellious spirit, remains a sugary-sweet reminder of the 80s music scene and its enduring allure.

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Q: Guess the one-hit wonder song by Kajagoogoo. Answer: Too Shy.

Kajagoogoo’s “Too Shy” showcased their unique blend of synth-pop and new wave with its catchy hooks and memorable chorus. This one-hit wonder captured the essence of 80s pop, delivering a delightful and infectious song that continues to charm audiences.

Q: Do you remember who sang “Relax”? Answer: Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s controversial and provocative “Relax” pushed boundaries with its seductive lyrics and pulsating electronic beats. This iconic one-hit wonder became a cultural sensation, challenging social norms and leaving an indelible mark on the 80s music landscape.

Q: Do you know the song that made Gary Numan famous? Answer: Cars.

Gary Numan’s “Cars” propelled him to one-hit wonder fame with its futuristic blend of synth-pop and new wave. Its robotic sound, catchy melody, and introspective lyrics about modernity struck a chord with audiences, solidifying its place as an iconic 80s anthem.

Q: This band’s hit song was called, “Obsession.” Answer: Animotion.

Animotion’s “Obsession” captivated listeners with its infectious blend of synth-pop and new wave. This pulsating one-hit wonder featured mesmerizing vocals and catchy hooks, exploring themes of desire and infatuation, making it an unforgettable contribution to 80s pop culture.

Q: Thomas Dolby had a big hit with the song, She Blinded Me With _______.” Answer: Science.

Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science” combined quirky lyrics, catchy synth hooks, and infectious energy. This eccentric one-hit wonder celebrated the wonders of scientific curiosity while showcasing Dolby’s unique blend of new wave and electronic pop.

Q: Which 80s group is known for “In a Big Country”? Answer: Big Country.

“In a Big Country” by Big Country soared with its anthemic sound and distinctive bagpipe-inspired guitar riffs. This one-hit wonder showcased the band’s Scottish roots and their ability to create a sweeping, uplifting rock anthem that resonated with audiences in the 1980s.

Q: If you love Devo, then you should know their best-selling song that was kind-of a one-hit wonder. What was it? Answer: Whip It.

Devo’s “Whip It” became a cultural phenomenon with its infectious synth-pop sound and iconic music video. This rebellious one-hit wonder celebrated individuality and counterculture, leaving an indelible mark on the 80s music scene with its catchy hooks and irreverent spirit.

Q: What was the name of the singer that had a hit with 99 Red Balloons and the German version, 99 Luft Balloons? Answer: Nena.

“99 Luft Balloons” by Nena took the world by storm with its infectious pop-rock sound and thought-provoking lyrics. This international one-hit wonder captivated listeners with its catchy melody and powerful anti-war message, solidifying its place as an iconic anthem of the 1980s.

Q: This song was the claim for fame for Men Without Hats. Answer: The Safety Dance.

“The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats became an instant dance floor hit with its catchy synth-pop sound and whimsical lyrics. This playful one-hit wonder celebrated individuality and freedom of expression, making it an enduring favorite in the 80s music repertoire.

Q: This band had a hit with the hip hop anthem It Takes Two. Answer: Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock.

Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s “It Takes Two” became an iconic hip-hop anthem with its infectious beats and catchy hooks. This influential one-hit wonder brought together seamless rhymes and sampled grooves, creating a timeless party track that continues to ignite dance floors.

Q: What is the name of the song that made Dead Or Alive famous? You Spin Me Round.

“You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive captivated listeners with its infectious energy, soaring vocals, and pulsating synth-pop sound. This iconic one-hit wonder became a dance sensation, solidifying its place as an enduring 80s anthem and pop culture favorite.

Q: This artist’s one hit featured Michael Jackson on Somebody’s Watching Me. Answer: Rockwell.

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“Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell captivated audiences with its paranoid lyrics and haunting sound. This one-hit wonder featured guest vocals by Michael Jackson, adding to its allure, and became an enduring anthem of 80s pop culture with its catchy hooks and mysterious atmosphere.

Q: Twisted Sister’s Big hit was what song? Answer: We’re Not Gonna Take It.

“We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister became an anthem of rebellion and defiance with its rebellious lyrics and infectious hard rock sound. This empowering one-hit wonder inspired generations to stand up against conformity, leaving a lasting impact on the 80s music landscape.

Q: Name the artist that sang Maniac and was featured in the movie Flashdance? Answer: Michael Sembello.

“Maniac” by Michael Sembello became an instant sensation with its electrifying blend of pop and rock. This iconic one-hit wonder, prominently featured in the film *Flashdance*, showcased Sembello’s powerful vocals and infectious energy, solidifying its place as a beloved 80s classic.

Q: What song did Eddy Grant sing that encouraged people to “get down to __________?” Answer: Electric Avenue.

“Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant captivated audiences with its infectious reggae-infused pop sound and socially conscious lyrics. This timeless one-hit wonder served as a powerful commentary on social issues, while its catchy hooks and energetic vibe made it an instant 80s hit.

Q: This artist had several albums but only one actual hit that was called What I Am. Who was it? Answer: Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians.

“What I Am” by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians showcased their eclectic blend of folk and alternative rock. This introspective one-hit wonder captivated audiences with its introspective lyrics, soulful vocals, and infectious groove, solidifying its place as a memorable gem of the 1980s.

Q: Musical Youth became an overnight sensation with this hit song. What was it? Answer: Pass The Dutchie.

“Pass the Dutchie” by Musical Youth became a worldwide sensation with its infectious reggae-pop sound and youthful energy. This socially conscious one-hit wonder addressed the effects of poverty while delivering an uplifting message and irresistible groove, leaving a lasting impression on 80s music.

Q: Which band is responsible for “(I Just) Died in Your Arms”? Answer: Cutting Crew.

“(I Just) Died in Your Arms” by Cutting Crew captivated listeners with its emotive power ballad sound and heartfelt lyrics. This enduring one-hit wonder showcased the band’s melodic rock style, leaving a lasting impact on the 80s music scene with its memorable chorus and emotional delivery.

Q: What was the name of the song that made Stacey Q famous? Answer: Two Of Hearts.

“Two of Hearts” by Stacey Q captured the essence of 80s dance-pop with its infectious energy and catchy hooks. This one-hit wonder showcased Stacey Q’s vibrant vocals and became a beloved anthem of love and infatuation, leaving a lasting impression on the era’s music landscape.

Q: Who sang the theme song from the movie Saint Elmo’s fire? Answer: John Parr.

“St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” by John Parr became an inspirational anthem with its uplifting lyrics and powerful rock sound. This iconic one-hit wonder, featured in the film of the same name, resonated with audiences, capturing the determination and spirit of the 80s.

Q: Who sang the song our House? Answer: Madness.

“Our House” by Madness became a quintessential 80s anthem with its infectious ska-pop sound and catchy sing-along chorus. This beloved one-hit wonder celebrated the joys and chaos of everyday life, leaving a lasting impression on listeners with its playful energy and memorable melodies.

Q: The Vapors made this song famous in the 80s.Answer: Turning Japanese.

“Turning Japanese” by The Vapors captivated audiences with its catchy hooks and infectious new-wave sound. This one-hit wonder sparked intrigue and interpretation with its enigmatic lyrics, becoming an iconic 80s anthem that continues to captivate listeners with its memorable chorus and energetic delivery.

Q: This Artist had only one hit and was a novelty in the 80s. It was called Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Who sang it? Answer: Bobby McFerrin.

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“Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin became a global sensation with its uplifting message and acapella brilliance. This iconic one-hit wonder spread joy and positivity, inspiring listeners to embrace a carefree mindset, making it an enduring anthem of happiness and resilience in the 80s and beyond.

Q: This artist gained fame for “Harden My Heart.” Answer: Quarterflash.

Harden My Heart” by Quarterflash mesmerized listeners with its soulful vocals and haunting rock sound. This emotional one-hit wonder explored the pain of heartbreak and resilience, captivating audiences with its powerful delivery and memorable chorus, solidifying its place in 80s music history.

Q: This artist was the former lead singer of the Babys and had a hit in the 80s with Missing You. Answer: John Waite.

“Missing You” by John Waite became an iconic power ballad with its heartfelt lyrics and emotional vocals. This timeless one-hit wonder resonated with audiences, capturing the pain of lost love and longing while the soaring chorus and powerful melodies continue to evoke powerful emotions.

Q: This band had a famous Christmas song called Christmas Wrapping and they did the theme song to the TV Show Square Pegs, but their hit was called. I Know What Boys Like. Who were they? Answer: The Waitresses.

“I Know What Boys Like” by The Waitresses stood out with its catchy new wave sound and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. This cheeky one-hit wonder playfully explored gender dynamics, leaving a lasting impression on the 80s music scene with its infectious hooks and irreverent charm.

Q: This is the group behind the hit single Genius Of Love.“ Answer: The Tom Tom Club.

Genius of Love” by Tom Tom Club captivated audiences with its infectious blend of funk, pop, and new wave. This influential one-hit wonder showcased layered rhythms, catchy melodies, and funky basslines, solidifying its place as a timeless dancefloor favorite and a cornerstone of 80s music.

Q: Who sang the song It’s Raining Men that was featured in the Broadway play Dreamgirls? Answer: The Weather Girls.

“It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls became an anthem of empowerment and celebration with its infectious disco sound and exuberant vocals. This iconic one-hit wonder embraced liberation and joy, captivating audiences and inspiring dancefloors to come alive with its energetic chorus and infectious spirit.

Q: The song Funkytown was a hit twice. Name one of the bands that was a one hit wonder with it? Answer: Lipps Inc.

“Funkytown” by Lipps Inc. became an instant disco sensation with its pulsating beats and catchy synth melodies. This enduring one-hit wonder transported listeners to a groovy paradise, captivating dance floors as a timeless anthem of the 80s music scene. The other version was by Pseudo Echo, and it was released a few years later.

Q: Bruce Willis actually had a hit song in the 80s. It made him a one hit wonder. What was the title? Answer: Respect Yourself.

“Respect Yourself” by Bruce Willis showcased his unexpected musical talents with its soulful sound and energetic delivery. This surprising one-hit wonder blended elements of R&B and pop, spreading a message of self-empowerment and respect, leaving audiences pleasantly surprised and grooving along.

Q: Matthew Wilder had a big hit song that remains popular decades later. What was his hit? Answer: Break My Stride.

“Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder became a catchy and resilient anthem with its infectious pop sound and empowering lyrics. This uplifting one-hit wonder encouraged listeners to overcome obstacles, embracing a positive mindset that resonated with audiences and secured its place in 80s music history.

Q: Name the iconic song by Billy Vera and the Beaters that was featured in an episode of Family Ties. Answer: At This Moment.

“At This Moment” by Billy Vera & The Beaters touched hearts with its heartfelt and soulful balladry. This emotional one-hit wonder captivated listeners with its raw vocals and poignant lyrics, making it a timeless reflection of love, vulnerability, and the complexities of relationships.