Photo contests are highly engaging and, when executed properly, can add traffic to a website or social media page. A Scared of Santa contest works every time. And it also makes for a great segment (or segments) on the air.

This article explains how to conduct an online Scared of Santa photo contest. Including:

  • An explanation of the contest itself.
  • And execution guide.
  • Keys to success.

Scared of Santa

Holidays are a great time for a photo contest. They’re also great for sponsor possibilities. To execute this promotion, follow the guidelines for what makes a photo contest successful here.

The combination of kids and Santa are irresistible. When you add the surprise of being Scared of Santa, the promotion works.

Keys To Success

Make It Share-able: Get listeners involved by allowing comments or putting captions on the entries. This also can be a source for on-air content. You could turn this into a video contest. Videos are harder for listeners to participate in, so you won’t get as many entries. However, videos are much more share-able. So you could get better promotional traction and some of the videos could spread.

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On-Air: Promote the contest with phone topics about kids’ traumatic Santa experiences.

Option: If you don’t want to go the Scared Of Santa route, create a gallery of babies (or pets!) with Santa hats or Christmas costumes.


Online photo contests are terrific if managed properly. It’s a great way to tap into a holiday in a unique and different way.