Everyone has that ONE person on their list that’s hard to buy for. Find a listener that’s really struggling with it, and has an interesting story to tell. Then help them.

This promotion is all about the storytelling, so make sure there is a great story to tell!

Side note: This promotion also works with decorating a home for Christmas or stringing up lights outside, etc.

How To Execute Shop For You

Start by finding the right listener. They need to come off well on the air. Don’t get someone shy!

There are several ways to solicit for this. The best is if one personality on the show is positioned as the Christmas Shopping Expert that always finds just the right gift. They claim to have it down to a science, but it’s also an art!

Take calls from listeners asking what they should get their kids, spouse, boss, friends, etc. Of course, the expert has all the answers, and everyone hangs up happy.

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Then there’s the one call that is really hard. That’s the story you’re going to tell.

Mining The Call

The call should be one that presents a special challenge, or has layers involved. You take it on as a project.

Here are several talking points:

  • Gather information on the background of the story.
  • Ivolve other listeners with ideas to find the perfect gift.
  • What’s their budget? How much can they afford? (This isn’t buying the gift FOR them).
  • Tell us about the relationship with the recipient.
  • What message do you want to send with this gift?

Manage the flow of the storyline and it could become serial content across multiple days. Shop For You ends by going shopping with the listener to pick out that perfect gift.


  • Capture it on video! It has great potential to spread.
  • Make it a full shopping experience. Go to lunch first, shop several stores, etc.
  • Hire a limo or Uber to drive you to the stores.
  • Get other show members involved. It shouldn’t be just the one personality.
  • Put it over the top by surprising them at the end by paying for the gift. OR, adding to the gift with a bonus
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Shop For You is a fun promotion that puts the show into the listener’s story ina most relevant and relatable way. Please send air checks and video of this promotion if you do it!