The Talking Snowman is a great Christmas stunt that makes terrific videos on social media.

In this article, I share the details on how to perform the Talking Snowman stunt. Including:

  • What it is, and how it works.
  • Tips on execution.
  • Ideas for creative audio to use on the air.

The Talking Snowman

First, set up a snowman in a central area. That seems obvious, right? But it’s not as simple as just making a snowman.

The snowman can be made of snow, but that is complicated. It’s better to make one from other materials. It is easier and will last longer.

Or order one online that is ready to go. Just be sure that the snowman is large enough to hide electronics inside.

Next, set up an invisible speaker inside the snowman. Connect the speaker to a microphone via Bluetooth or infrared connection. Position someone to hide nearby and talk to those passing by.

Presto! A talking snowman.

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The best location is a public mall with organic traffic. It can also move to different locations, such as office buildings or high-traffic coffee shops.

Execution Tips

  • Install a video camera in an eye, button, scarf, etc. to capture video reactions. This makes fantastic video episodes that spread through social media.
  • Be sure the audio is of high quality so it can be used on the air. Set up a recorder inside the snowman to record everything.
  • The “voice” of the snowman is critical. They must be clever, quick to respond, and able to react spontaneously.
  • This should be an ongoing segment for several weeks leading up to Christmas. It builds momentum every time you do it. For best results, try to do it for at least 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Create videos that are shared online. This should be hosted by the personalities, using the footage from the talking snowman as video clips to help tell the story.
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Content can be provocative, edgy, funny, or sweet, and sensitive. Let listeners help you decide what to do. They’ll have great ideas.

Ideas for content:

  • Try cheesy pickup lines.
  • Ask Christmas trivia.
  • Try to get them to sing Christmas songs with you.
  • Ask for help. Tell them you’re afraid of melting because you don’t want to die.
  • Talk to little kids. Charm them. Ask what they want for Christmas.
  • Ask what it’s like to be a real person that doesn’t melt and why it must be nice to be them.
  • Tell Dad Jokes.